A close family member has been diagnosed with cancer. Been fighting it for 2 years. Just finished another round of THIS-will-do-it treatment. But the doctor just found more concerning spots. Surgery 3 in this cancer marathon is scheduled imminently.

I’ve been under “cancer watch” for 20+ years. Every couple months I have my skin checked for melanoma. I’ve lost count of how many surgeries I’ve had. Well over 20. Maybe 30? Who knows. There are so many scars. I’m recovering from a surgery right now. I’ve never been diagnosed with cancer, but I’m always in hyper-prevention mode. The cancer marathon continues.

Aren’t we all in some sort of “cancer marathon”? Whether it’s aimed at our bodies, our relationships, our finances, our dreams, or our hearts? A long, hard race of avoiding death in some area of our lives?

It’s part of life. The hard part of life.

I’m so thankful that I can trust in, be rooted in, and place my hope in God. Not the rule-mongering-judgment-filled “God” people sometimes associate with Christianity (I don’t know who that guy is…). I’m thankful that God sees, hears, and is aware of our sufferings. And He cares so much that He comes down to deliver (save) us. (Exodus 3:7-8) He did it before Jesus (like in the story of Moses), He did it through Jesus, and He does it today.

So for the death that lurks in our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls… I have HOPE. There is a God who has given us victory over death. A God who empowers us to bring life, joy, peace, and healing to the shattered and painful parts of our stories. And through Him, we have the strength to run the marathon before us.