rejectedA publisher recently got wind that I’m interested in publishing a simple handbook on how to pray, and they wanted to pursue the possibility. They read an excerpt — I’m a good writer. They scrutinized the content — this kind of book would be in demand. They took it to their review committee — rejected. Why? Well, bottom line, I’m not popular enough. (Never mind the fact that I’ve had this problem since first grade…)

I don’t speak at enough conferences. I haven’t been on enough t.v. or radio shows. Not enough people come to our church. Not enough people listen to my sermons. I don’t have enough friends or followers on Facebook. I don’t have enough readers of my blog (now don’t get offended…). And I don’t even have a Twitter account! You can’t sell a book with a social media presence like that… Nobody knows who you are. Nobody will buy your book. It’s not worth it for us to publish this.

Observation #1: Going through the publishing process was a great litmus test for my humility. There’s nothing like seeing how you react to humiliating circumstances to know quickly how prideful you are. I was surprised I reacted as well as I did, in all humility… : D

Observation #2: Good thing my objective isn’t to sell books or be popular! I really just want to help people — getting published by a publisher (versus self-publishing) simply puts my resource into more people’s hands, meaning more people are equipped to pray powerfully and see results! So this rejection doesn’t deter me.

Then check this out — God is so encouraging! A couple months ago, some friends emailed me asking if I have anything that could help them with inner healing prayer. I sent them the chapter from this book on how to pray for inner healing. Without knowing this publisher recently rejected this book, they just emailed me and said, “We prayed for a man last night and we saw some real release and healing. I’ve truly never seen someone get as ‘into’ the Spirit as the man did last night, and it was largely thanks to the cues you list.”

That’s what I’m talking about! More than popularity and being published, I love simply equipping someone to pray powerfully and bring about God’s healing and freedom in another’s life. It reminded me that when I stay focused on Him and bringing His hope, healing, and love to others, lives can be transformed (regardless of how unpopular I am!).

To Him be the glory.