Wonder WomenJust finished reading Wonder Women by Kate Harris, Andy Crouch, and the Barna Group.

The section that resonated most with me was on Coherence – a holistic perspective of work-life balance. “We all want to know we did our best to steward life well.” That really reflects how I feel, and what motivates many of my choices.

“Our challenge is not primarily one of balance…What each of us really needs is the assurance that life makes sense.” FACT.

“It’s not so much about finding balance as it is about coherence—a life shaped by discernment, complexity, and constraints rather than a clean-cut pie chart. … The exact mechanics of how we hold our lives together is not the point. The point is that we attempt to hold them together at all.” So refreshing and validating. I win just because I’m trying.

“Coherence even allows, so long as my work and identity are rooted in Christ, that my efforts may be radically unbalanced and off-kilter at various points.” Mmmm. Deep breath of freedom and peace.

Oh and then Andy Crouch’s poignant paragraphs:

“Our children are unpredictable bundles of need and independence, pouring out thoughts and emotion and retreating into silence, with little regard for the scheduled family times on our seven shared Google calendars.” DO WE HAVE THE SAME CHILDREN?!

Oh, and I sooo related to these statements:

“I know most everything has gone better for us than we ever could have imagined and that nearly every facet of our lives has been more difficult that we expected.”

“I know we have been blessed with the greatest of friends and have felt impossibly alone.”

“Career, family, and calling are not problems to be solved. They are mysteries, and in the end they are minor mysteries. They pale beside the real mystery, which is how our lives are held in a greater life, how our death shall be overcome by a greater death, and how even the smallest things in our days—the lunch boxes, lab reports, and logistics—can become doorways to the life that really is life.”