Lately church members and former church members have been giving me some feedback on how I disciple (which I think of as “leadership development for Christians”). It’s been helpful for me to hear their insights because I don’t always recognize how I’m doing it or if it’s actually working. So I’m passing along some of their comments in the event that it helps you in your discipling efforts.

“We couldn’t be more different, but nobody else has helped me to be free being the ‘real’ me than you.”

“Thank you for creating an environment that allows members of our church to step out into what God has called them to. Discipleship oozes out of you.”

“Thank you for being transparent and honest with your struggles and victories. You have also been honest about your struggles with your identity in Christ, your crises of faith, etc. that let people know that this journey is a struggle, but one so worth living, because God’s healing power is real!”

“The journey from mid-September until now has been stretching, equipping, struggle filled, but the most life giving and fulfilling times of my life. I have more of a sense of who I am in Christ, and am so excited to have started to walk out in it, with boldness.”