My top life value is to follow Jesus with all my heart, including to listen and obey instantly and to trust Him (I’m currently really challenged in this area, but hey — I’m committed to this with all my heart, no matter how hard it is). If I summarized the principles, I think it would go something like:
1. If I think God has said/prompted me in a direction, I just go for it. I might be wrong, but I’d rather err on the side of faith than doubt. I figure God will honor that and clean up my messes if I heard wrong.
2. Act quickly once I’ve heard. The longer I sit on a word/prompting, the less likely I am to act on it.
3. Be accountable to others who are familiar with hearing God and seek wisdom in many counselors (who are Jesus followers)
4. Every word of the Lord has to be consistent with the Bible.
5. Know myself and who He has made me to be. I’ve benefitted from the Grip Birkman (you can order this test through, professional coaching, knowing my spiritual gifts, and identifying my core values. This has helped me to know what to focus on and what not to. : )
6. I know the ways of the Kingdom often are upside down from the ways of the world (last shall be first, greatest is least, etc.). So I’m open to upside down ideas or thinking because that just might be exactly where God is.
7. Every day spent loving God and loving people is a day well spent.