The kids and I were out walking around the neighborhood. We found a lot of wild mushrooms, but decided against picking them to eat since we weren’t sure whether they were edible. As Siah and I were walking home, he mused, “Mama, I think God sends an angel down to pick all the mushrooms people don’t pick so they don’t go to waste and they can eat them in Heaven.”

“That’s a great theory, Siah. But we want to be careful about developing theories into theology apart from a Bible verse. Make sure you have a Bible verse to support your ideas before you run with them, otherwise we can get ourselves into trouble. So, do you have a Bible verse that supports your idea that the angels pick mushrooms so Heaven can eat them?”

I knew he wouldn’t — first, there are no angels-picking-mushrooms verses, and second, I was thinking of things like how God does not sleep and there is no marriage in Heaven, and so we can infer that life in Heaven is very different than life here.

After thinking for a very short bit, Siah smiled and said, “Yep! In the Bible it says that there’s going to be a great wedding feast in Heaven, and there’s going to need to be food at the wedding. So that means there’s food in Heaven, which means there’s mushrooms in Heaven. And where are they going to get the mushrooms from? I bet it’s from here — from all these mushrooms the people aren’t using!”

I was amazed! “Siah, you have a really great point! And you’ve changed my thinking about this. I bet there ARE mushrooms in Heaven, and it’s possible that God has angels pick those mushrooms!”