I sing my praises to You, Lord

Yes I sing for Your faithfulness
A faithfulness unheard of
Only dreamed of by those who don’t know You
Who is like You, Lord?
None can deliver like You
You comfort me and fight for me
at the same time
You promised victory over those who tried to
destroy me with their tongues
And You did it!
You did what You said
When I couldn’t see
You said “Trust in Me
I See
The perspective is different from here.”
You led me and guided me
You never left me
Though it hurt
I screamed, I sobbed, I was afraid
“I will deliver you. I will protect you.
I will shut the mouths of the lions.
And see
See differently.”
You turned the tables
against my enemies
Against those who sought to destroy me
Your justice prevailed
Your truth saved me
You cleaned my name and redeemed it
You spared me from shame
There was nothing I could do to save myself
My efforts were to no avail
I labored to defend myself
But it was pointless
I cannot trust in my own strength
I cannot trust in people, friends, or my performance
to protect me
My trust is in You alone
You alone saved me
delivered me
guided me
protected me
Because You love me
My freedom is attributable to You alone
All praise and honor and glory to You
It ended up better than I ever could imagine
Because of You
Every word of Your Word came true
You said it, I believed it
You brought it to pass
When everything else changed,
all that was true became false,
the ground fell out from under me,
and friends turned against me
You were the SAME
You were TRUE
You were MY ROCK
You were MY FRIEND
And I sing a new song to the One True God,
my Rock, my Friend, whose faithfulness never ends!