Repost of a note written by my friend, Jen:

By Jenifer Neve Manginelli
If God is at all at work in me during this season, I am convinced that the four walls of our home and the four little sets of eyes that look up at me are his workshop. Some days I feel as if the world is passing me by, as I am lost in a sea of menial tasks that are never ending.

Yet I know deep down that every bum that I wipe and potty accident I clean up are actually acts of worship. When I am mindful of this, I have renewed passion for the monotony of this season.

But, then there are the days when I feel overwhelmed . . . not so much with the task, but the realization that I am completely insufficient for it. Instead of modeling self-control, I let my frustration get the better of me. Instead of gentle words of correction, my tone betrays my own feelings of selfishness. Those are the heavy days.

But I am coming to realize that the Holy Spirit is shaping me (probably the most) in these moments. I no longer think of motherhood as a “time out” in my becoming . . . but a fast track. These private moments of sacrifice and surrender are the meat and potatoes of spiritual formation. They aren’t acquired by degrees or theology books, but they go the distance. And even when I despair when I look at my apparent lack of progress, Jesus is with me and promises that he will go the distance; that in each and every moment he is committed to conforming me into the image of his Son.