Wow, I’m going to read this and re-read this over and over any time I’m facing discouragement. This is what it’s all about!
A List of Thanks for Kelly & Niki!  
Thank you for always loving us; thank you for always pushing us forward.
Thank you for wanting the best for us and being a tool for the Lord to make it happen.
Thank you for helping us turn from broken, battered shells of a person into fulfilled, alive, real men and women.
Thank you for your prophetic wisdom for us and all your many prayers.
Thank you for giving us color when we feel like we’re living in grayscale.
Thank you for being patient with us when we rant and cry and complain.
Thank you for never judging us or turning your back on us when you’re exhausted.
Thank you for helping us have perspective and joy during trial and tribulation.
Thank you for trusting us with your sheep, thank you for turning us into shepherds.
Thank you for leading us from darkness into light; thank you for turning us into leaders who do it for others.
Thank you for being real and honest; thank you for encouraging us to be that as people.
Thank you for being imperfect and not making us be perfect when we can’t be.
Thank you for your humility even though you should be proud of your accomplishments.
Thank you for sharing your feelings and helping us find ours.
Thank you for opening your home to us and making us feel like family.
Thank you for your smiles, your hugs, your warmth, and your laugh.
Thank you for being you, and being so wonderfully in our lives. 🙂