I recently heard a NASA scientist explain what it was like to build the rover that landed on Mars. Before the successful landing that has made history, his team spent 8 years and a billion-plus dollars launching a rover that crashed on the surface of Mars.

An 8-year billion-dollar failure.

He vividly recalled the night his team learned they failed. Learned that a near decade of work had resulted in just another crater on Mars. He was so worried about their morale.

To his surprise, everyone on the team was fine with the failure–where else do you even get the chance to build Mars rovers? Of course there’s a high risk of failure. Think of all the variables! But even knowing how it went, and how high the risks were, they would all do it again.

And they did.

That’s how you have to think to do well in ministry. You have to be more curious and more excited about the opportunities ahead of you than the failures behind you. More excited about new people coming into your church than demoralized about those who left. More curious about new friends/partners than devastated by those who betrayed you.

And in so doing, you, too, can make history!