Button was sitting at the table doing some math homework. My parents were there, as was Niki and Siah. She handed me her homework to correct. Now, in the immediate family, I’m the best at math. I tell the kids I’m a math whiz, so don’t let math scare them — they’ve got math whiz brain in them, too. And my mom is even more of a math whiz than me — in fact, she built a career around it.

So I was surprised, and a bit indignant, when I told Button she got a problem wrong and she challenged me. I quickly retorted, “In the pecking order of geniuses in this family. where do you think you stand?!” I then proceeded to work through the problem step-by-step with her…only to catch my error and prove that SHE was right.

Button looked at me with THAT look, but didn’t dare say what she was thinking. She didn’t have to…my mom was there: “Ha! In the pecking order of geniuses, where do YOU stand, Kelly?!”