Gail McWilliams went blind during her pregnancies. She chose her children over her eyesight. And she believes in Jesus–the God who heals at any moment. Knowing her blindness could change any moment, she carries her car keys with her everywhere she goes.

What do you have in your hand that demands hope?

You were born on purpose, with purpose, for purpose. Our God is a drama king–He sets us up for the impossible so He can be glorified and we can grow.

You’ve been consumed by worries–but be consumed by this: God has placed you where you are for a purpose that only you can accomplish. Anyone can have your position, but you have your position. Why? What are you going to do with the influence He has given you?

Live your life for what you cannot see–live life for a vision that’s ahead of you, one that you can’t yet see, that’s impossible but for God.

Do you love people? If not, don’t pastor or minister to them. Develop your love and patience. An develop true grit–speak truth in love. They need truth, counsel, help–if you’re not going to give it to them, then who? Ministry is about people; it’s our pleasure to serve them! Please God and serve people–that’s where greatness is found.

Have eyes to see the small things right in front of you that demand hope, compel vision, and require faith for the impossible. Have eyes to see what God is doing.

There’s joy in the journey of following the promptings of God. Having joy is a choice.

There’s a championship to be won. Don’t get stuck on the 50 yard line in indecision, fear, or disbelief. Believe that He will use you right where you are, in the midst of the awkward and the flub ups and the failures. Tears do not negate faith. They do not negate purpose. Run the race.

Be consumed with passion for what you do, for people and loving them.

You’re not stuck–you’re in position! Don’t overlook the opportunities right in front of you! Quit surviving and try living!