Our friend Isaac just visited us a couple weeks ago. I got a text from him earlier this week that made me feel really loved. It said something to the effect of: “I used to not care much about politics. But this shutdown is making me really angry.” So he wrote this letter to the President.

It’s a great letter. But what I admire most of all about it is that, like with all things about Isaac, it’s motivated by love — love for our country, love for our leaders, and love for the people of the DC community.

Just Isaac

In light of the government shutdown and subsequent presidential address to the country, I felt compelled to write this letter to President Barack Obama. Perhaps in it you can find your own frustration that is beyond ideals, politics and policies. It is a frustration in leadership.

Dear Mr. President,IMG_6794

I readily admit I do not know the complexity of your role. At age 35 I am barely age eligible to be the president of United States America. I suppose having lived 35 years gives me just enough perspective to weigh in on matters as significant as to what is facing you and the government. I recognize that at age 18 I have a vote, but now that I’m 35 I, by virtue of my age, could lead this country if elected. Procuring a nomination and funding for a campaign are entirely different matters; matters I have little interest in.


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