We have a fantastic leader in our church. He has the right heart. He’s full of humility. He serves when no one is looking. He takes care of people.

So we’ve invited him to get licensed. We don’t license people to make them pastors; we license people who are already pastoring. And he fits the bill.

But despite our encouragement and invitations to get licensed, we hadn’t heard anything from him. We decided not to pressure — we saw him as a pastor, but he needed to hear it from God. So we waited (and prayed!).

And then we got this e-mail:

Hi, friends. I’m not entirely sure what I was waiting for, but I was waiting. Then I read a good post from Andrew Peterson this morning in which he talks about traveling to Europe even without concerts pre-booked – the opposite of how he usually does tours. The below section socked me in the gut, and I realized that if I wait for the perfect conditions to emerge, I won’t ever pursue a license.

I know some of you guys have always wanted to write a book. You’ve always wanted to ask that girl to marry you. You’ve always wanted to actually build a friendship with that neighbor, or start that ministry, or right that wrong, but things just never worked out. You’re waiting on the Lord, when maybe the Lord is waiting on you–he’s not waiting to bless you; he’s already done that and will continue to, regardless of your zeal. And he’s not waiting to “show up,” because he’s already there. I mean, what if he’s waiting for you to have a seismic shift in your understanding of what it means to be his child, what it means to  trust him, to finally realize that the sky’s the limit–like the father of the prodigal son saying to the self-righteous one: “All that I have is already yours.”

So if it’s still possible, I would like to join the merry band of potential licensees this summer. Sorry for the delays.
Thanks for being such great shepherds. We love you guys!