I made the most of today by doing what I couldn’t do at home. I spent the morning with my dear friend, talking about life, ministry, and Foursquare. I said yes to serving when it was easier to say no. I listened to my friends’ story about God’s miracle in their marriage and his journey to being free from anger (which was rooted in fear). It renewed my enthusiasm for healing ministry, especially inner or soul healing.

We headed to the pool with some friends who are planting a church. We talked about discipling and church planting. They recommended a discipling book to us. I downloaded it and started to read it. It’s good. And it momentarily discouraged me from continuing to write my book on discipling. “What more could you add?” the little voice in my head sneered. Niki encouraged me and The Lord reminded me–it doesn’t matter how I feel or what I think about myself. It’s about helping others and being obedient. Or as one pastor quipped this week, “I’d trade a ton of opinion for an ounce of obedience.”

Last night was dinner out. For what it’s worth, I prefer Texas Roadhouse to Logan’s. Then we walked around the lake in the evening breeze. And got to see Jeremy, who I enjoy and admire so much, and had a brief chat with him and his dad.

And poignant thought of the day:
“They aren’t gonna care who you are until they know that you care about them” (Roosevelt High School football coach)