Day 2 of Convention brought a lot of answered prayers. It started with breakfast with a close friend and ministry ally–I prayed for time together because it’s so rare for us to find that time, even on the phone. We shared life developments and celebrated them together because we’ve prayed for these things for each other. And we learned we are the same Myers Briggs profile (which explains A LOT!). Right there in the middle of a Disney diner, we had church.

And then I got to reconcile a strained/awkward relationship with someone I care about. I’m sure I did something to cause or contribute to this, but I don’t know what it is. I prayed I get to see this person, and see them alone at a time we could talk. And it happened! So I apologized for what I did and said I cared too much about this person to let our relationship continue to be awkward. While the person couldn’t identify anything I did and didn’t realize things were awkward, we both agreed that we didn’t want weirdness between us.

And God had put a word on my heart for a pastor who is facing a big decision. I prayed I would see him and have an opportunity to share it. And that happened, too! Love love love opportunities to sustain the weary with just a word.

We also had a most encouraging and unexpected lunch with Burt Smith, a straight-shootin’ action-takin’ leader. And a short but meaningful talk with Ted Vail (shout out to Ted!). He’s like a modern day Barnabas, encouraging and inspiring us to do greater Kingdom building and greater loving of people. Every time I hear him, I’m spurred to greater love and good deeds.

Last night we heard wisdom from Jerry Cook. My takeaways were 1) God is in me, with me, wherever I go, 2) just do it, and 3) lives will change, people will be healed, simply by virtue of the fact that I’m there because God is in me. In other words, if I’m there, Jesus is there. What a sobering and exciting truth, straight from Ephesians 1.