One of our parenting philosophies is to instill in our children a set of core values rather than a set of rules to follow. The rules will expire once they move out of the house. But the core values will continue to guide their decision-making and choices for the rest of their life.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to see that one of our core values has taken root in Siah. (Which is such an encouragement, because in parenting–like discipling–you often have no idea if what you’re doing is making a difference…)

So Siah was at a friend’s party, which had a particularly challenging game. He was patient and persistent in trying to win the game. He just kept working hard at it even though he wasn’t getting very far.

This caught the attention of one of the adults at the party who did not know us. She was really impressed with his tenacity!

“You are really trying hard at this!” She said. “You’re such a hard worker!”

Siah kept playing the game. “That’s because Tshibakas never give up.”

She was a little confused. “I’ve never heard the Star Wars character described that way… How does he inspire you to not give up?”

Siah grinned. “No, not the Star Wars character. Our last name is Tshibaka. It sounds like the Star Wars character Chewbacca, but it’s different. I am a Tshibaka. And Tshibakas never give up!”

Love that kid