One of the stories I love the most in scripture is when Jesus got into Peter’s boat to preach, told the fishermen to lower their nets for a catch, and the catch was so big that it sank the boat. And then there, with the boat in ruins, they left everything and followed Him to become fishers of men.


Love it. Jesus meets people in the midst of their careers, normal life, just another day, and then so amazes them with the power of God that they leave everything for the purpose of making disciples of Him. He sinks their boat!


That’s one of the things I love doing, too – sinking people’s boats. Passing on amazing things of God that get their attention, get them to see that life in Him, with Him, for Him offers so much more than the world could ever offer. Then they stop pursuing the things of this world (like material items, position on the career ladder, etc.) and instead they seek first the kingdom of God. In fact, I often see one of my callings, one of my purposes in the Kingdom to help sink people’s boats. That’s right. I’m a boat sinker!


So I had a conversation with a colleague at work. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, but I know she loves Jesus and does what she can in her free time to serve Him. She asked me about how our church is going. I loved telling her about how powerfully the Spirit is moving, how people’s lives are changing, how amazing our people are, and on and on. Then I got real with her – truth is that what happens with our church community is so rewarding, so fulfilling, so amazing that it makes all this (work) worth it. It puts the life back in life, you know?


Afterwards on my drive home I totally kicked myself. Why did I tell her that? Why did I share with her that my real passion, desire, and fulfillment is not found in my cubicle (though I like my job just fine), but really is found in ministry? That’s awfully personal…not the corporate-friendly message people want to here. Sets me up for more scrutiny, attacks, and persecution. Bleck! Kick kick kick. Attack attack attack. Blahh—Jesus, please forgive me for anything I said wrong and please protect me.


Fast forward a couple weeks and I get this note from her:


Hey, Kelly – I couldn’t share this with you when you were here, but you ministered to me in our time together. Without intending to, you helped confirm a decision I was teetering on to leave my job and pursue ministry and mommyhood full-time. Thank you so much for being candid.


(Great elation!!!) I HELPED SINK HER BOAT!! Here I was thinking that I was being unwise, foolish,  maybe even sinning, beating myself up about it all (or letting the enemy beat me up, now that I think of it). And all the while, God put me in the right place at the right time to fulfill one of my fundamental purposes in life. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! I helped sink her boat without even trying!!! And I now have such renewed hope for God’s plans and purposes for me at work. Jesus, You are amazing. Simply amazing!