Button went with me to my job…my other other job (I have so many…). You know, the one she’s not allowed to go to except for one day a year because it’s …. complicated…. I get to be a lawyer in the War on Terror. That’s about all I have to say ’bout that (any thing else I can neither confirm nor deny).

So any case, I brought Button to work. Here are some of the memorable moments.

“Mama, what happened to your old office? You don’t have a door on this one.”

“So lemme get this straight. A ‘cubicle’ is a desk without a door, right?”

“I thought you were supposed to be working.”  (After I responded, “I am!” she just raised her eyebrows.)

“This is boring.” (Yeah, kid, welcome to the working world)

“So…you go to school for 12 years and then college for 4 years and then law school for 3 years and you try your hardest and do really well and then you get to do…this?” (goodbye, college savings plan…)

Or when she passed by the head of the agency (the one who reports to the President) in the hall and got to talk with him — “Is your job hard?” “What’s the hardest part?” “Do you have to do a lot of math in your job?” “What subjects do you most need to know for your job?” That was a pretty awesome moment.