It was a really really rough week last week. Don’t know how else to say it. Sometimes you’re the windshield; sometimes you’re the bug. Last week I was the bug.

But the Spirit broke through in tremendous power during Sunday service. And my heart became encouraged. Things started looking up.

And then when I left for work in the wee wee hours of Tuesday morning, I noticed something unusual on our windshield. Turns out it was a gift – some mint brownies and a genuine, thoughtful note.

It read, “I wanted to thank both of you for your hearts, your work, your wisdom and your desire to pastor in the field God has put you in. I know it’s not always easy, with wolves biting and pulling the wool over your eyes. Sometimes it must feel like you are getting fleeced. It can be enough to make anyone want to go on the lam! But the Good Shepherd has plans to draw you into greener pastures. Be encouraged, know you are loved — A sheepish member of your flock”

I loved not only the thoughtfulness that went into giving such a gift, but also the deliciousness of the brownies, and the cleverness of the message with all of the plays on “sheep” terms!

God knew just what I needed. I have no doubt that He was behind this. After all, the note spoke to things going on in my heart and life that people didn’t know about! This random act of kindness totally lifted my spirits and was a source of hope repeatedly this week as the enemy tried to smack me again with hopelessness, fear, and discouragement.

Simple kindness. Simple appreciation. I’m *amazed* at how it sustained me. Makes me think about how I can randomly encourage and sustain others. : )