Our church just went through a sermon series on the spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12. These gifts include tongues and the interpretation of tongues.

Just two weeks after the teaching on tongues, one of the leaders in our congregation believed he had a word in tongues for us. This was a big deal because we’ve never had a corporate word in tongues before, let alone from one of our more reserved members. God was clearly leading him–this was not something he’d think up on his own!

So with great courage he stood at the front and spoke in tongues over us. And then we instructed people to listen–as they heard the word, what thoughts that sound like God pop in their head that weren’t there before? Be bold enough to offer them for everyone to hear. This process of interpretation is how tongues becomes like prophecy and builds the whole church rather than just the person speaking in tongues.

It was all very orderly and normal feeling. A couple different people understood/heard/interpreted different parts of the message in tongues, and they worked together. It was pretty cool to experience us stepping out like this for the first time.

And then Siah, little Siah, came up with a piece of paper on which he scrawled in marker the complete interpretation of the tongue. It includes everything everyone had said and then some. He read it aloud into the mic. There was no doubt it was God. Some wept, others were amazed, all were moved.

Here’s a picture of it. It reads:

Righteousness comes from our faith
Our prayers are power //
Call to The Lord
My strength is divided in you
Our God is not a silent God
Worship has power
Call on My Name