Discipling is persevering with faith. And sometimes those you’re discipling will not like you when you do what is best for them. More than we realize, we are tempted to lead our disciples by transactional leadership rather than transformational leadership. It’s a transaction – we concede things (things we shouldn’t concede, things that are good for them) because we don’t want them to be unhappy with us. So, for example, “I won’t pressure you to serve if you’ll stop complaining.” And what’s at the root of this thinking? We care more about what our disciples think of us than about what God has told us to do.

Instead, as disciple-makers, we want to be convinced that the greatest and most important thing is to bring about true change within people so they can accomplish true change to the world. We want their life to count! It’s worth the price. And a lot of times, that price is our popularity.

We’re trying to build a Kingdom, not a fan club. Continue to persevere in faith, with your eyes on the vision God has given you for His people. And continue to work towards bringing about change in their lives, even when it costs.