I’m currently getting to do a sermon series on spiritual gifts. And one of the things I emphasized last week was that unlike what people tend to think, spiritual gifts often are invisible, behind scenes, and so ordinary that even the person operating in it has no clue. So one of the things we can do is double back to someone who moved in a spiritual gift and let them know — because they probably have no clue!

For example, when someone gives you a prophetic word, that person most likely is completely unaware that it was a WORD FROM GOD. See, the things of the Spirit are supposed to be so normal, so NOT kooky, that they often are missed. There is such value in identifying them and giving thanks for them — it encourages others, builds unity in the body of Christ, and makes way for the Spirit to move in even greater ways.

So after sharing this, I got a note from a woman in our church that just made me laugh. She and her husband pastor one of our Lighthouses (small groups) and love people and Jesus so much. I’ve believed for awhile that they will have atypical career lives — lives that make a lot more room for loving and serving others (some call this “ministry”) than a typical career track does.

Any case, here’s what she wrote:

Kelly, You mentioned that it is important to go back to the people who used their spiritual gifts in your life to confirm what they said. Thought I would paste a sentence from my husband’s email to me today:
“P.S.  After Lighthouse and meaningful conversations last night, my job seems deeply blah.”
Thought you would enjoy. It’s exactly what you said he would feel at his job.
I laughed and laughed — not because I delight in his misery, but because I am so incredibly excited about where God is taking him!