I just love the verse in Hebrews 10 that says we are to spur one another on to love and good deeds. “Spur” – what a fantastic word! Having used to train horses and compete in rodeos, I love the picture this simple word creates. Get real close to other believers, and then dig into them as hard as you can to compel them to greater action than they ever would initiate on their own. It kinda hurts, but in a good way, you know?

Well, Button is a SPUR to me.

Here’s the latest: Valentine’s Day was upon us. My goal (usually) is to get out of Valentine’s Day as cheaply as possible. Do what you have to do, but otherwise, there are 364 other less expensive days to show genuine love to others. So we went to the effort to make cards for her classmates, you know the obligatory I-bought-some-overpriced-character-laden-cardstock-at-the-store cards. And that was it for me. I was good.

Button comes home the next day from school. She’s decided she wants to buy candygrams at school to have delivered to the 2 kids (both boys) in her class who are the most socially outcast. She’s not really friends with them—doesn’t sit with them doesn’t play with them—but she wants them to feel special and cared about, too. Normally they’re the ones left out, so on Valentine’s Day she wanted to do her part to make them feel “in.” I loved it. See, I was quite the social outcast for all of my childhood and most of my young adult years. So her heart for the outcast really touched me.

“That’s a great idea,” Button. “I’ll give you the money for them.”

“No, Mama. No. I’m going to use my own money and buy it myself.”

I was stunned. “But, Button, that’s a huge chunk out of the money you’ve saved and it’s nothing for me. Let me just give you the money. It doesn’t change that you thought to do this by yourself and they will get a candygram on Valentine’s Day.”

She shook her head adamantly. “No, Mom. Sorry, but I want to do this for them. And I want to use my own money.”

She bought the candygrams, the boys were surprised, they didn’t say thank you, but she could tell they liked it. Such a simple thing. But with huge ramifications. I have no idea how it affected those boys. But it left me speechless. And it made me re-think how I use my finances, how I can love those who are unloved, how I can anticipate others’ down times and make an effort to lift them up, and how I can surprise people by cheerfully pouring out God’s love on them at opportune times. I mean, what is money for? Isn’t it just another tool to love God and love others?