This week was one of the most encouraging and blessing-filled ever! In addition to an overflow of expressions of gratitude and kind words from people in our church, one of the people in our church arranged to have delicious dinners from some of our favorite restaurants delivered every night for a week! It was like getting to go out to eat every night without having to get a babysitter! And it was such a relief–not having to cook dinner for a week. The kids loved it–they would wait expectantly to see what restaurant would deliver that night.

It’s so fun to see how God uses those with the spiritual gift of Giving to work like stealth agents of the Kingdom, meeting very real needs in surprising ways that make you feel special and lift your heart.

We felt so loved, so honored, and so cared for by this person. This gift was exactly what we needed and it made our week so much happier and less stressful.

I’d totally identify this Giver, but one of the ways you most honor a Giver is by sharing a knowing “wink” with them while keeping their identity anonymous.
So a shout out on the World Wide Web will have to suffice. : )