Isn’t it weird? How you wake up one day and realize that at some point, you got old? You start saying things your parents said, like listening to the Top 40 songs and thinking, “They call this music these days?” Well, here’s my *younger* sister’s “I’m old!” revelation. I totally — inappropriately — LOL’d in my cubicle at work…

Hubby and I were talking movies and he said he still wants to see the new Red Dawn movie, we weren’t sure if it was on video yet.  I randomly asked the young waitress if she knew if the new Red Dawn movie was out on video… [deer in headlights]…”never heard of it”….

I’m like… “remake from the 80’s?  Patrick Swayze fighting the Russians in Montana?… [my fist goes up]… WOLVERINES!!…?”……[totally left me hanging]

….she blinks…. blinks again…. “Breaking Dawn is still in theaters?”….


I’ve never felt SO OLD in my life….