Thoughts from a dear friend who is a working mom of two kids:

Gameshows…’Been watching the Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal (Guilty pleasures of daytime TV). Sometimes we can get upset that the other guy got to play on the show first. Whether they got called first by the host, or you guessed the wrong price, or even if the other guy beat you to it (bid one dollar above yours)… we can frown or curse the other guy’s success… we can blame the directors of the game or the host.

But sometimes being the third guy called, instead of the first, means you could be offered to play for the car… And if they get the car, and you only get the Washer/Dryer set….that’s more than you had walking in. What if you never get called to “Come on Down?”…the game just wouldn’t be the same for the players or the viewers…without a cheering audience.