“How big’s your church?” It’s probably the most common ministry question I get asked. Somehow, despite people’s best intentions, it seems the success of a church always comes down to how many people go on Sunday. And even though we’ve always been far more committed to growing people than growing attendance, something in me always feels a bit like a failure when I have to “admit” that our church is less than a hundred (or, really, less than 50 for most of its existence).

So when pastor Ryan asked us how big our church was before visiting one Sunday, I was surprised at the response that welled up within me: “We have a megachurch!” I exclaimed exuberantly.

Niki looked at me like Scooby Doo : “Ruu ruut?”

I explained, “We don’t have a megachurch filled with tons of people. But we’ve got a church filled with MEGAPEOPLE!” Some churches have hundreds who sit in their chairs every Sunday. But every person who comes to our church has the spiritual caliber of hundreds of pew-sitters. So it’s not a megachurch in the sense that people typically think of it. But it’s most definitely a megachurch.”

Jenn put it like this: we’re like Hobbits. We look small but we’re awfully fierce! Jenn also loves to tell the story of the three pastors who were comparing their churches. First pastor says, “When I became pastor, we only had 50 people. Now we have 500!” The second pastor says, “Well, when I became pastor, there were a hundred people. Now we have more than a thousand!” Then they asked the third pastor how his church was going. “Great!!” he said. “We had a couple hundred people, when I became pastor. Then I started preaching the Gospel. And now we’re down to 50!” Jenn always laughs proudly: “That’s our church! We preach the Gospel, too!”

I‘m not sure preaching the Gospel means you’re gonna have a small church. But I do know that preaching the Gospel means you’re gonna have big people. Megapeople.