Tonight is our last night in our house. It’s a great move for us (or at least it will be once we get into our next house), but I’m going to miss this place. Here are my top 10 memories in this house:

10. Watching fireflies with Niki in the summer of 2004 when we first moved in and there were SO many fireflies. It was like the forest was lit up with Tinkerbells.

9. The super high curtain Dan Lowe hung for me. It’s so high I can’t get it down to take it with us. : )  I miss you, Dan.

8. All the love Chrissy showed us by painting the mural in the nursery, painting Button’s room purple, and decorating the powder room for us.

7. Happy Birthday, Mr. President on top of our coffee table, in front of about 30 of Niki’s friends and co-workers, at his 30th birthday party.

6. Painting the bedroom with Debbie Johnson. Best vacation ever!

5. The mural Debbie Fullerton and Jen Lambert painted in Button’s room after she was born.

4. Hosting hundreds of people, especially those who needed a place to live.

3. Niki carrying each of our kids through the door of our home for the first time of their lives.

2. Starting the church here by simply turning the lock on our front door. Such a small lock. Such a big step.

1. Standing in our unfurnished new house, holding hands with Niki and telling God how grateful we are for the house and that we are committed to using it for His glory, however He wishes — and knowing that He took us up on that prayer. : )