It’s not like the years are marked only with crises. Each year comes with incredible blessings, too. And for me, the blessings far outweigh the crises.

In 2009, our church moved out of our home and into the building space (despite the city bureaucrat’s obstacles) — a huge step forward in our ministry. I still remember when we first pioneered the church and Pastor Daniel developed an annual budget for us. He managed to completely deplete our expected donations within one year. When I asked him what happened to our church after that, he smiled boyishly and said, “We’ll see what God does!” I didn’t think our church would last even a year, and now here we were 3 years into it, moving into a building!

In 2010, we lost Shiloh, but we got Joseph. He is a delight to my soul! And we also got Shiloh. We may have lost her here on earth, but we will have her for all eternity.

In 2011, there was the investigation. This is hard to explain, but sometimes the greatest crises are simply the wrapping paper for the greatest blessings. I’m still unwrapping the gifts, grace, and blessings that came out of last year.


And 2012, the year of sweet Justice. Our precious baby boy, the fulfillment of so many dreams and promises.

The crises are real. But they are *nothing* compared to the blessings — the grace poured out on us by a God who loves us with all His being. The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us. Rom. 8:18