Each of the past several years has been marked by at least one crisis. Crises not of our making, but thrust upon us, if you will. We didn’t cause it, but we have to deal with it.

2009 was the church building (dumping THOUSANDS of dollars into lease money and needless “improvements” to the space simply to jump through hoops and obstacles of *one* anti-Christian bureaucrat. It took us nearly 9 months from the time we leased the space til the time we could move in).

2010 was the loss of Shiloh. A daughter we didn’t plan or ask for, but loved deeply. That miscarriage marked the whole year. For all of us.

2011 was the investigation. Period.

And now 2012. We bought a house pre-construction that was supposed to be finished mid-November. The builder, DR Horton, hasn’t broken ground yet. The buyers of our current home said they were willing and able to rent back for several months, but now are requiring exorbitant rent and say we have to vacate by mid-January at the latest so “their son can watch the superbowl” in our house (I kid you not). And that’s why a family of six had to scramble to not become homeless. We are currently in the middle of a huge unexpected move. Surprise!

There have been so many unknowns in all this. Where will we live? How much will it cost us? How much will we pull out of savings? Can 4 kids live sanely in a 900 sq foot apartment for 6+ months? Where do we put our stuff in the meantime?

It’s frustrating. Here are some of the thoughts that have gone through my head: We have consistently opened up our home to those needing a place to stay so why do we now not have a place? (Turns out we have one now). Why are we reaping selfish behavior and inconsiderateness when that’s not what we’ve sown? Why are people so mean? And why is this happening when we did everything we could do to handle this whole situation wisely? In other words, we haven’t behaved foolishly or recklessly in a way that has contributed to the mess we’re in. We’re just in it.

Lots of questions. Lots of anxiety. But when I started “not to worry about anything, but pray about everything,” I felt so much better. And Pastor Harriet encouraged me with the truth that those who are “blessed and highly favored” by the Lord really go through a hard time — see Mary and Joseph, for example. A story we all are meditating on during this Christmas season.

That helped me to take heart — and this is the scripture I’m meditating on to get through this: “you are blessed and highly favored!”