“Why don’t you just cut the boys’ hair yourself?” Mom asked. It didn’t look too hard, but then I have seen some disastrous haircuts on men… Like when the barber at Mount Vernon Barber Shop left cuts on Joseph’s face all around his hair line which eventually became scars. On the other hand, that was a “professional” haircut–could I really do worse?

I started with Siah–his long hair was more forgiving. A pair of scissors and ten minutes later, the boy was clean cut. Grumpy as can be (he far prefers the untamed, rugged outdoor man look), but the job was done.

Smart move.

My ventures into saving time and money continued. I haven’t had a chance to get to the salon lately…my nails and eyebrows are seriously showing it. But with a new baby, three other young kids, the move, and ministry, nails and brows just AREN’T the priority.

So I decided to quickly clean up my eyebrows myself. No, not with tweezers, but with a razor. (They were SERIOUSLY overgrown). So I straightened the edge of the arc, trimmed the edges, and…oh no! Accidentally took a perfectly good section right out of the center of my eyebrow…

Oh, how horrific! How do you cover up eyebrow stubble and make it look like eyebrow? Oh wait, eyebrow pencil! I don’t have one, but I improvised. And it worked pretty well. Til I looked in the mirror and realized that I looked a lot like my grandma–drawn in eyebrows and all!

Ugh. Not so smart move.

So I’m sitting at the salon this moment, letting the professionals fix my nails and what’s left of my eyebrows…