JoFish was heading out of Nana and Kaku’s house to play with the cat before breakfast. And, rather authoritatively, he calls out over his shoulder, “Mama, you make breakfast for me!”

Excuse me?

I imagined if Niki had been there… He probably woulda been like, “Oh no you DIDN’T” as he concealed a laugh.

Where did JoFish get this? I swear we’re not raising chauvinists…

And just then Nana waltzes into the kitchen like Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, offering up individualized breakfasts like a short order cook. Hmmm.

Niki disputed the Nana theory, though. He posits that JoFish has innate leadership abilities that simply need to be refined. What is rude when directed towards his Mama is perfectly commendable for a general or Commander in Chief. : )