Shane’s sister couldn’t have a baby. And she’d suffered a lot of pain and grief trying. His heart broke for her. Anyone who has been close to a woman grieving loss of children or the inability to have children knows how profound the pain is.

And Jesus knows. His heart breaks with ours. That’s one of the reasons I love praying for healing in this area — to see the restoration and gift of God when life comes into a place where there has only been barrenness, loss, or death.

Despite all odds, Shane wanted to pray for her. How do I pray for healing in this area? I passed on what I knew. And he began contending. Unwaveringly. And some of us prayed with him.

And she got pregnant. We held our breath. To believe or to doubt? Is this life or loss in the making? We kept praying. Especially Shane.

The pregnancy progressed. For the first time, this one didn’t seem like it was going to end up like the other ones. Hope started to take root. And he kept contending. And he kept us updated so we could join him.

And then, he was born. THE answer to prayer. THE miracle. With this one child, death was defeated. Despair was rebuked. The years that had been destroyed were suddenly restored.

And Shane got to hold the miracle in his arms. One of my favorite pictures EVER.