It was just another Sunday morning. Get up, get hustlin’, eat breakfast, get out the door to church. Try to do it without any crises, messes, or bad attitudes. No reason to think this day was any different – or any more special – than the other days.
The kids were supposed to be focused on eating. Finish breakfast quickly. Don’t dilly dally. We don’t have time to waste and we can’t be late.  But Button started talking. She’s a talker… And more than talking, she wanted to tell me a story.
“Mama, I want to tell you about something. Something that happened last night.”
Oh, where is this going? Am I going to hear about a non-stop dream now? Oh, shut her down or shut down the tantrum of impatience in my mind that is starting to brew…?
I opted for patience (thankfully!).
“Last night I didn’t want to go to bed, remember? Daddy had just gotten upset with me and I didn’t want to go to bed thinking he was upset with me. I was crying.”
Yes, I remember, Button. You got rightly disciplined and you overreacted to it because you were tired. WHERE is this going?! I feigned patience…
“Well, I really needed a hug just to know everything was okay. Daddy heard me and he came upstairs and held me and hugged me. I felt a little better when he left, but I was still sad. So I prayed and told Jesus, ‘Jesus, I’m sad and I need a hug!’
“Well then, Jesus came into my room and was sitting on my bed with me.  I was all of a sudden on his lap and He was hugging me.  I felt so much better.  And he hugged me until I stopped crying.  Well, actually, I fell asleep so fast and I don’t even remember it!
“But I do remember one other thing. There were two angels that came with Jesus. They were tall, almost as tall as my room. And they stood spread apart over by the windows across the room, like they were standing guard. They were bright like light.
“I don’t know if I saw them all with my own eyes or with my mind’s eye, but I know I saw them and I know they were there.”
Lemme get this straight – while I was downstairs watching a run-of-the-mill crime t.v. show, JESUS was upstairs in her bedroom, comforting her like the loving Father He is! HOW DID I MISS THIS?! And, yeah, that’s KINDA important!! Why did you wait til mid-breakfast to tell me?!
I was amazed! I explained to her that some people long for an experience like that their whole life. That what happened to her was really significant. She was surprised because it seemed to her like the most natural thing in the world. And her story reminded me that the apostle Paul described having a similar experience – a vision he had “whether in the body or out of the body, I don’t know” (2 Cor 12). It doesn’t change the reality of it. And her dad had a similar experience when he was essentially her same age. It was a vision that gave him prophetic direction for God’s purpose for his life and guides him (and us) to this day.
Oh, that she would never forget the comfort and love that GOD ALMIGHTY has for her. That of ALL the people in the world, her tears meant so much to Him that He appeared from heaven just to bring her comfort. Wow, that’s a lot of love.
You are loved greatly, Button. Oh, so greatly.