I have been trying to instill in Siah what it takes to go from being a boy to being a man. I’ve explained that lots of boys get older but never become men – there’s a lot of “grown up” boys walking around out there, but there’s something better for him. He’s going to be a man. And he’s going to help other boys, no matter how old they are, become men, too.
But that requires 1) understanding what it takes to change from being a boy to being a man, and 2) practicing those things. It’s hard work.
For example, men sacrifice. Especially for any girl. They don’t seek their own personal interest or what they can get from others. They lay down their interests for others.
Men are humble. They are confident and bold and unabashed in their strength, abilities, and giftings.  And in this confidence and boldness, they consider others to be more important than themselves.
And men wait. Men can live with delayed gratification because they have committed themselves to a higher calling.  So they don’t need to get a quick fix. In waiting, they demonstrate the maturity to persevere through suffering, reach reconciliation, overcome challenges, face pain, and pay the price for real relationships.
So the other day Siah was showing me his muscles.
“Wow, Siah, you’re muscles are really growing! They’ve gotten a lot bigger.”
He nodded knowingly. “Yep, and I know why.”
“Why?” I asked, curious.
“Because I’ve done A LOT of waiting lately. Especially when I was at Nana’s house. And the more you wait, the faster you grow man muscles.”
Humorous and so true, son. So true.