Siah and Button hadn’t caught a single firefly, despite great effort. They sat around the table, deeply discouraged, brainstorming possible solutions. But none of them would work.
Forlorned silence.
Then Siah exclaimed with great exuberance: “There’s only one thing left to do! NEVER give up!” And with a William Wallace-type bravado, he charged out the door.
I sat speechless, marveling at how profound this statement was. When attacks mount, Never Give Up. When nothing works, Never Give Up. When I’m outnumbered, Never Give Up. When all hope is lost, Never Give Up. When darkness and despair sneer, Never Give Up. When I’m lost, Never Give Up. When I’ve stumbled back instead of advancing forward, Never Give Up. When I’ve cried my tears dry, Never Give Up. And when I just want to quit on, well, everything, Never Give Up.
When there’s nothing else, there’s what you believe: giving up is NOT an option.
For those who are in Christ, we have every reason to believe this. In Christ, we have overcome the suffering of this world. In Christ, we have victory over death itself. In Christ, we have reason to “not throw away  our confidence for we will be richly rewarded.”
And all this truth and theology summed up in a life paradigm by a child:
Never Give Up.