Button recently took a test that measures her spiritual gifts (listed in Romans 12).  Her top 3 gifts were:

Totally accurate. I also see a lot of Giver in her, which ranked a close fourth. I love how much she reflects so many attributes of God.
I also was very amused by some of her responses and how well she knows herself! For example:
It’s easy for me to talk because what I say is the truth:  “Always”
I am frank and outspoken: “Always”
I can speak easily and well: “Always”
I have strong convictions and opinions: “Always”
I love to be a leader and to organize: “Always”
I’ll work hard to get something done even if another gets the credit: “Seldom”
I am shy and quiet: “Never”
And my favorite—
I don’t always feel good about myself: “Never”
Love that confidence. Love that competitiveness. Love that joy-filled life. Love that girl!
I mean, really, what’s not to love?!