I’m surprised how much I have to work to instill a value of ministry equality in my children. Girls can be presidents, firefighters, doctors and lawyers… but can they be pastors?

It surprises me especially because they are my children! They see this modeled for them every day of every week. They are surrounded by strong, godly, admirable, humble women who are leaders in ministry — from pastors to apostles to leaders in the Church (with a capital C). These are their frames of reference, and yet the seed of doubt and lies about their (and others’) identity and worth in Christ still seeps into their hearts.

Which is why I was totally delighted when I read this worksheet Button brought home from Sunday school on the story of the priests crossing the Jordan in the book of Joshua:

Q: How did the Israelites know that God was with them before the battle at Jericho?

A: “The Jordan parted when the priest put his/her feet/foot in.” (emphasis added)

That’s right, girl. You can be a priest, too. In fact, you already are. : )