Discipling is believing in someone — believing in them and for them, more than they do themselves. Those who are the lost causes in whom no one else has hope. Disciplers give people the tools, help, support, and steadfast encouragement they need to run the race with endurance. And then disciplers get to watch miracles happen!

Never underestimate what people can accomplish when you believe in them. As you believe in others, you give them the encouragement and support they need to become more and to do more than they ever could have asked or imagined.

That’s because believing is faith. So believing in those you are discipling is a type of faith — faith in them, faith for them.  And faith has power. 

As the video ends, we see the amazing outcome of Arthur’s discipline and perseverance. And also the amazing fruit of one person who believed in him. The video sums it up, “Thanks for believing in me, DDG.”

Who are you believing in? What are you believing for?