Profound, out-of-the-blue comments from Button:

“Mama, are you happy with your life?”
She’s picking up on something…I am so happy with my life, but I deeply wish I had more time with her.

“What is saxy?”
I’m not going to answer a question that’s not asked. “Saxy? What do you mean?”
“The kids at school say it’s bad to look saxy. What is saxy?”
“Oh, sexy.” [think think] “That’s like when I dress up my best to look pretty so that Daddy wants to kiss me. It’s right to look sexy when you’re in a relationship like me and Daddy. But it’s not right to look sexy to try to get guys to look at you and kiss you when you’re not married to them. That’s what they mean.”
“So, do you like dressing up sexy for Daddy?”
“Oh, yes!”

After asking questions about the recent health care decision by the Supreme Court:
“Why do they call it the Supreme Court when it’s not ‘supreme’?”