An encouraging email from someone in our church, along with rich spiritual insight about obedience and rest. I love getting to be a part of people’s spiritual lives!
How cool was church on Sunday?!?! Right!!! 
I don’t know that I can say I’ve enjoyed one of NIki’s sermons more than Sunday. It was so captivating…VERY moving for me. 
I have been studying Hebrews a lot lately (and obedience). I wrote in my devotional that we learn obedience from what we suffer…we know that. That is a hard one to accept. but the more I read, the more I started to see the “cycle of rest”…obedience comes from suffering…it’s hard to have faith when you think you are suffering…but obedience and faith lead us to Gods rest, to the promise land. But even in the promise land, we need to “enter Gods rest” and so the cycle continues much like condensation/evaporation…faith + obedience = rest. I personally can’t endure the the obedience/faith part without having had the rest.
This last weekend was so average, but yet it was somehow profoundly life altering. I’m excited to see what God is doing with me, with you two, with our church body and with the Church. Change is coming. I feel it!
I love you both! Thanks so much for serving!!!