Our dear friend and pastor in our church, Ian Elliott, shared the following profound insights on parenting and spiritual truths inspired by a “tragic” and *so* humorous experience he had with our very own Button.  Here’s an excerpt, but the whole story is very worthy of reading:

Alas, after the movies were done and the chocolate consumed, it ended up being tome for bed – which is when the universe literally started to end…at least according to the oldest!  …Crying ensued, crying that turned into sobbing and wailing. Then she discovered that her blankie was missing – the pink one with flowers. “It’s gooooooone!!! I can’t sleep withoooooouuuuut it!!!!!” she wailed in between sobs. I came in to say goodnight to her but the sobbing and calamitous wailing continued.

A few minutes later, Mel and I found her blankie downstairs and I took it to her, which saved her universe from entering “the big crunch.”

Once Mel and I gathered our wits, it occurred to me that I probably felt a little like how the Lord must feel when we think our universe is literally ending. Our universe is filled with our wants and needs, the people we love, loathe, or just put up with. We have the things we have set before us, but most of all, each one of us has our very own “blankie.” Our “blankie” could be our new job, our new car, our spouse, our kids, our friends, or an activity we enjoy…

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