Niki logged into our investment account to see what the status was. Like everyone else in the U.S., our investments have been a victim of Operation Recession. Niki called out to me the amount: a loss, but we still have a long time before we plan to pull out this money.

Button overheard the number. It was a bigger number than she ever had heard before! She turned to Siah with wide eyes: “Did you HEAR that, Siah?! We’re RICH!!!”

My heart started to drop — oh, how little she understands what that money can actually buy… then I caught myself. Wait a minute. We’re doing fine. We don’t have too much, but we don’t have too little either. According to scripture, that’s the place of biggest blessing.

How tempting it is to focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do.

And I will be held accountable for how I represent God, His goodness, and His provision to these impressionable souls.

I turned to the kids, “Button, you’re right! We ARE rich!! And do you know why?”

Their eyes got even bigger, with great big smiles on their faces, totally believing that we were as rich as royalty.

“We’re rich because God takes care of us. He always takes care of us. And He has given us SOOOO much!”

You could almost hear them exclaiming in their hearts, “WOW!!!”