Ooh, I’m pregnant! SO very exciting. We’ve been waiting with great hope for this baby for the past 2 years.  Baby is due sometime in mid to late October. Sonograms look good, and I’ve already passed the date when we lost Shiloh, so that’s a huge relief to me. Totally psychological, I know. But it’s still a relief.

This pregnancy has been rougher than I remember the other ones being. A lot of morning sickness, and not just confined to mornings. Which means I’ve been walking around not really myself for several weeks. And apparently I’ve got several more to go… bummer. I even got medicines this time to help me cope. And ginger chews. And ginger juice. And ginger ale. And I just love lemonade and lemon waters. Mmmm. But sometimes nothing seems to help. Like today.

And then there’s the naps. I seem to need a lot of them. The nausea is on par with what I had with Siah. And the fatigue is similar to what I had with Button. So it’s like a mixture of both their pregnancies.

And then the random foot thing. Early swelling (normal) caused bizarre nerve reaction (abnormal) which in turn led to serious tendonitis in my ankle. Which resulted in me getting a big ol ski boat to help stabilize my ankle to relieve the pain. So now I look like a partial Transformer. Kinda cool, but not really the cute pregnancy look I was going for.

When I’m not trying to avoid the nausea or walk without stumbling, I love eating meat! Mmmm! And cheese. Especially cheddar cheese. Had a craving for tomato soup. Snacking on a lot of pretzels lately. And I want to eat sugar, but my appetite’s like, No.

We already are dreaming about names, even though we’re a couple months away from finding out the gender. And I can’t wait to see who this little person is — we’ve felt like our family is incomplete for awhile now – at least since Button was born. This might be the completion of the family! Either way, I’m really looking forward to seeing who’s been missing. I suspect Baby will fill a hole in our hearts that we’ve sensed but never knew was as deep as it is.

And I can’t wait to hear Baby’s laugh and to see Baby’s smile. And some of our friends are taking bets on what shade this one will be, since we have a light, medium, and dark child already. So fun to have the United Colors of Benetton family. I hope Baby has dimples like all the siblings. And oh, I’d love Button’s curly hair again. After I chopped off Siah’s curls they never really came back.