With the caveat that hearing the voice of God is not formulaic, nor does God respond on our time or (often) with the answer we seek, here is a simple process I offer for beginning to hear the voice of God:
1.       Praise
Begin by praising the Lord. Sing a worship song. Say out loud the reasons you love Him and are thankful for Him – what He’s done (provided, healed, saved) as well as who He is (Lamb of God, Risen One, Jesus, God Almighty, Our Father in Heaven).
2.       Ask
Articulate the question for which you’re seeking an answer. Ask and you shall receive. (Which implies that if you don’t ask, you won’t receive…). So, for example,
·         “Jesus, do I date this person?”
·         “Lord, what job should I take?”
·         “God, what words do you have for the person who I’m concerned about?”
·         “Jesus, what ideas do you have for solving my [marriage, financial, work] problem?”
·         “Lord, what do I say to my friend who is considering divorce?”
3.       Listen
Wait in silence. At least 15 minutes, but 30 is better. Write down anything that comes to mind – from seemingly random movie clips, to shopping lists, to Bible verses. At the end, a theme should emerge and it will be more clear what was God and what were fleeting thoughts. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than 30 minutes…like days or even weeks. Just be prepared to listen.  If you want to hear from Him, then he who has ears let him hear. In other words, you have to listen.
4.       Confirmation
After you think God may have given you an answer, look for “coincidences” that confirm the answer. From Bible verses, to a song on the radio, to a passing comment someone makes, to repeat phrases or themes that keep coming across your path, to the counsel of someone who has a little more experience hearing from God – look for things that confirm what you think God might have said.
5.       Act
Then most importantly, step out in faith and act on what you believe He said. You might get it wrong, but God honors the heart that desires to follow Him. If we’re going to err, err on the side of believing it’s God than on the side of not believing what He said. He who keeps my commandments is the one who loves Me. And the more you step out in faith, the more you’ll hear. : D