Niki sent this email to our church leadership team to generate discussion on re-thinking (and possibly restructuring church). What are your thoughts, blog readers?

Please ponder and reflect on these questions. I’d like us to dialogue on them over email, face-to-face, etc. I’ll have more of these questions for us, as we move ahead in what God has for us. But I believe finding the answers we’re seeking about what it means to be an incarnational church in this generation begins with asking the right questions. So, let’s start with these and see where it takes us  (make sure to hit “reply all”) . . .

Hey guys:
I don’t know if you’d heard but Oprah has a new show, the tag line for which says something like “your world is her stage.” So interesting that she seems to recognize that the model for her old show, where people came to her, was not sustainable much longer. The new model of the future is to go to her audience. No more bringing the world to her show. She is now bringing her show to the world.
It think that is a picture of where we need to head– bringing the Church to the world instead of trying to find ways to bring the world to the Church. Jesus didn’t tell his disciples to wait for the world to come to the temple in Jerusalem, He told them He was sending them out to the world. 
Query: How do we bring the Church to our generation such that the Church is seen to exist in the world, not in a building? Also, how do we get to a place where the phrase “go to church” is not only theologically nonsensical but also no longer reflects reality?