Yesterday, Button persuaded me to throw her a half birthday party. Since her birthday is in the summer, it’s hard to get kids to come to a party. So we do something fun in the winter as an excuse to celebrate and have friends over.

After much pleading, I gave in and invited a couple of her friends over for the afternoon. Friends, playing, a movie and ice cream sundaes–pretty great un-birthday party, right? Not according to Button.

“Mama, we have to have decorations.” I wasn’t buying it. “No, Mama, really. The twisty paper up in the sky.”

So I got out crepe paper, hung two streamers from the breakfast table lamp over to the window. It looked nice, especially for an un-birthday party.

“Um, Mama, it’s not enough. There’s only two of them. It’s not even. We need two more. One that goes there, over to the pantry door. And another one that goes just so, up high over to the arch way.”

I rolled my eyes. She is so particular. And her little perfectionist socializing personality was in high gear!

“Mama, I noticed that when I asked you to make two more streamers you went like this (she imitates me rolling my eyes). Was I pushing you?”

“A little, Button, but it’s ok. I know you’re excited about this.”

So I hung the two streamers.

“Um, Mama? You see this one? Can you make it short please? It’s hanging longer than the other ones and it looks like the ugly duckling. And, while you’re fixing it, can you move it more that way so it matches the other ones?”

When did I get conscripted into Her Majesty’s service?

I just laughed, and changed them. She’s too cute.

She straightened up the house. “Oh, I did a great job. This whole party was my idea. And I made the house look amazing! My friends are going to love it!!”

And then after I set the princess tablecloth and plates, she exclaimed, “Now THIS is what I was talking about. A party that is all about ME! Me, me, me, me, me!”

Too funny. How we went from an afternoon play date to a full blown party. Over NOTHING. Oh, but I love creating a culture of joy in our home.