Josiah (completely out of the blue): Daddy, if I’m a King, why aren’t I honored like a king? Why don’t I have a king’s throne? Why don’t I have a king’s bed? [He was referring here to the fact that he’s named after King Josiah which, apparently, makes him a king as well.]
Niki: Josiah, what makes you a King is what’s in your heart. You have the heart of a King, Siah — you’re loving, kind, brave, compassionate, honest, and you have a lot of integrity. So, wherever you sit, THAT is the King’s throne. And wherever you sleep, THAT is the King’s bed. Does that make sense?
Josiah: No, Daddy! Because I’m still not honored like a King. I still have to listen to you and Mommy. I still have to do home work, and I still have to do the book reports you and Mommy make me do.
Niki: Josiah, I’m the Chief King. That’s why you have to listen to me. And you have to do your homework and book reports because part of being a good King is gaining knowledge so you can lead wisely and well. 
Josiah [with big crocodile tears]: But I’m the Chief King too, Daddy!
At which point, Niki just gave up . . . 😉