There is no community without Christmas. The Gospel story is that God created us to be one with Him and one with each other (community). But that oneness was destroyed with sin. Through Jesus, that oneness is restored again. Oneness created, oneness destroyed, oneness restored through Christ.

Without that baby born in the manger, there is no way for us to live in true community. Thinking of others as better than ourselves. Loving others when it hurts. Giving radically. Choosing to serve rather than take the preferred position lounging at the table. That’s what Christmas is about.

It’s about a majestic, powerful God choosing to humble Himself and be born helpless among animal dung and then humbling Himself further to die on a cross for something He never did for the sole purpose of being able to live in community with us forever. That’s the Christmas story.

And when we see His example, we’re challenged and exhorted to do the same. Community isn’t a feel-good expression of commonality. It’s contending for unity at a personal cost — the ultimate cost, in Jesus’ case.
Fundamentally, the Christmas story is all about community (See John 17).